About us

With more than 20 years of experience in the stainless steel manufacturing industry and broad knowledge of the market in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries, you are assured of a highly reliable and efficient product. Skilled process- and project engineers design and calculate the process equipment using the latest 3D modelling and calculation software. Besides that, the production department is fully equipped with modern, safe and lean machinery. This mix is enhanced by the involvement and commitment of skilled professionals within our organisation.

Kelstream kapstokTeamplayers with Experience

Fons Geurts, CEO of Kelstream: “At Kelstream our goal is to bring our scraped surface heat exchanger to all corners of the world together with enthusiastic team players.” That is what makes us great, we are always looking to achieve mutual interests with you, our partners and us. We only work with highly skilled and trustworthy partners from around the world who are dedicated to our clients and our products.

Are you nearby? We will hang our Kelstream coat and join you for a cup of coffee. Of course we are delighted to give you a grand tour through our company.


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