Cooling problems with hot summer weather

Now and then we talk to a customer who has problems with his cooling capacities during the warm summer months. Due to the warm weather, they cannot reach the desired temperature of their product.

This can have multiple reasons:

  1. The product input temperature is too high, because the ambient temperature in the factory has risen
  2. The cooling medium is not cold enough anymore, because for example the water from the cooling tower is higher than in winter
  3. The product warms up again after cooling it down, also because of the ambient temperature.

For one client the hot weather became a problem, because he wasn’t be able to form his product in the right shapes and sizes anymore. The client’s product, mashed potatoes, became too viscous and the smiling potato smilies became unhappy smilies.

When Kelstream makes a heat transfer calculation to determine which Kelstream suits the product and process, we always count in a margin, so the client can increase his cooling capacity when it is desired.

What can you do?

The client can do two things to increase their cooling capacity of the Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger:

  1. You can work with more RPM, so the efficiency of the heat exchanger will increase and so will the capacity
  2. You can increase the flow of the cooling medium

When these two adjustments doesn’t do the job, you can slightly decrease the product capacity till the desired output temperature is reached again.

In some control systems these adjustments are integrated so all flows and RPMs will change automatically when the output temperature is not reached. Pumps, cooling medium and RPMs work together to achieve the best result.

Do you also have problems with cooling? Let us know, so we can see what we can do for you.