Kelstream’s Proven Business Cases

We are continuously testing our Kelstream with various products so we can guarantee you our Kelstream Heat Exchanger will keep your product at the quality standards you’ve asked for or even above. See below some of our proven business cases.

Business Cases

Cooling Sweet Potatoes

Kelstream has built two Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers for a client producing various kinds of sweet potato products, like croquettes and mashed potatoes. Two Kelstream F450 tanks were connected parallel for a higher product throughput. The cooled sweet potatoes are much easier to process in for example potato smilies, croquettes or in other shapes. The client didn’t need to add any solids, so the product quality was kept.


Heating Dairy and Curd

The Kelstream has proven itself in various tests with dairy products. The Kelstream is able to heat and cool the product with a constant capacity and temperature due to the two covers through which a cooling/warming medium is pumped.

Kelstream have tested if it was possible to heat (soured) Curd from 5°C to 75°C with the goal to produce a new herbal cheese from an existing product. We were able to have a capacity of 300 ltr/h with the Kelstream F100. It was also possible to let the Kelstream mix the herbs during the process. That meant the client didn’t need to add the herbs afterwards.

Cooling Fat Crème

Kelstream is often used in the bakery and confectionary industry. To prove Kelstream was able to cool down Fat Crème, we took our Kelstream F100 to the test on the location of one of our partners. OreoThis resulted in an excellent heated product without damaging the product. The tester said: “The seal construction on the Kelstream is said to be the extra positive part of this unit. During the trials we did not see any problems.”

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