Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

Kelstream builds process tanks that fully serves its content. It provides the optimum conditions and not leave anything to chance when it comes to quality assurance. The Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger meets the right quality and hygiene standards and is provided of all the needed certifications worldwide. We bring together the know-how of Our specialists and Your specific preferences. Only then can it be the infallible link in your demanding production process.

Features and principles

The Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger is a vertical scraped heat exchanger with double concentric heated surfaces for an optimal heat exchange for food, feed, pharma and non-food.Frozen Yoghurt

This unique design in thermal processing brings all the benefits of different types heat exchangers together in one package: it can handle high viscous products like mashed potato, it has a large heated surface per unit, it takes only a small footprint and it doesn’t damage your product.

Take a look at all the benefits and advantages

The flexibility of the Kelstream, by controlling the jacket surface temperatures, together with choosing the correct ancillary equipment, allows the customer to achieve a flexible processing system by which new product developments can be easily and quickly adapted to production and quickly to the consumer market.


The Kelstream Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger is available in different models. The smallest model, the F50, with a product capacity of 120 ltr/hr up to and including the Kelstream F700, with a heated surface of 7 square meters per unit. Scraped Surface Heat ExchangerEvery process and product is different. You know your own process and product best, so we work closely together to deliver a tailormade solution. All our models can be equipped with several seals (lipseal, single mechanical, double mechanical), different lids and product inlet and outlets.
Factors where we look at to choose the right quality stainless steel are hygiene, corrosion (due to product and temperature), effectiveness, your product (salinity, crystallisation, hardening), etc.

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