Two degrees can make a difference

When we talk with producers of all kinds of products, we always need an incoming product and a desired temperature.

For example, a sauce producer is looking for a solution to process its starch slurry. When we were defining the process parameters, we came to an incoming temperature of 40°C.

After the installation of the equipment in the clients factory they start running the production with the process parameters defined in the sales process. It turned out that the end product was not as expected…

After going through all the specifications of the process and machine, it turned out the actual incoming temperature of the starch slurry was not 40°C, but 38°C. Because of this slight change in inlet temperature, the product behaved different than expected which resulted in a completely different end product.

The moral of this story is that not only in equipment design, but also in process specifications, it is all about the details. The right parameters determined in the stage of calculation are essential for getting the best product at the end of the process line and into your bottles, jars or package.